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DRDOS 7.03 is documented in the online hypertext documentation (DOSBook) within the product. Documentation is also available in HTML format from the following links. Source files for the user guides are available in the OEM/DOC/SOURCE directory. These are provided for OEM's to customize and redistribute as required. 

Click a book to view the HTML online version. 

User Documentation title

user guide front cover DRDOS User Guide

The complete guide to using DRDOS including how to install and set up DRDOS and Personal NetWare. 

DRDOS Quick Start Guide

A cut down version of the full user guide. Gives you the basics of DRDOS and tells you how to install DRDOS and Personal NetWare. 

DRDOS User Guide Front Cover

Programming Documentation Title
SBK-Customization/redistribution Front Cover DRDOS Customization and Redistribution Guide

This guide describes how to customize DRDOS to your requirements and build a new version for redistribution. 

DOS Protected Mode Services API ( DPMS)

Contains full details of how to program DPMS aware programs. 

DMPS API Front Cover
Multitasking API Front Cover DRDOS Multitasking API Guide

Contains a full reference guide to the DRDOS Multitasking API. 

DRDOS Power Management

Explains how you can implement DRDOS power management features. 

Power Management FrontCover
Embedding DRDOS in ROMFront Cover Embedding DRDOS in ROM

Explains how you embed DRDOS into ROM using a fixed or flash disk. 

Customizing DOSBook

Explains how you can edit the online help for DRDOS. 

Customizing DOSBook FrontCover
System and Programmer's GuideFront Cover System and Programmer's Guide

A full reference guide for the internal structures of DRDOS and the invariant programming interface. 

Implementing DR-Flash

Explains how you use the DR-Flash file system for embedded solutions. 

DR-Flash front Cover

 TCPIP Programming Information

The DOS Toolkit provides facilities to develop applications suitable for TCP/IP-based communication. 

DOS Utilities

This guide explains how to use the DOS utilities. 

Transport for DOS

The TCP/IP Transport for DOS consists of the following software components: TCP/IP Transport software, Network drivers (including DOS ODI drivers), Utilities. 

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